Onde Radio in Cammino HamRadio

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Onde Radio in Cammino HamRadio.

Hey everyone, I’m Emilio, and I want to chat with you about my love for radio. It all kicked off when my uncle hooked up a CB radio in his car and dubbed it “Red Cloud.”

Stendino Guys
Onde Radio in Cammino
Stendino Guys
I'm planning to do the Camino de Santiago in September/October 2024, bringing along a radio and an antenna to attempt contacts during this adventure! Follow me on Instagram and Youtube!

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Onde Radio in Cammino HamRadio








Stendino Guys

Stendino Guys

Stendino Guys
Stendino Guys

For all my wire antennas, I use travel clotheslines as a support for the radiator. I called this project "Stendino Guys". "Stendino" means travel clothesline in Italian.

I developed this type of antenna from an idea of ​​Douglas, his callsign is “Dark Forest 61”. For this project, I opted for ultra-thin silicone-coated wire. As someone who enjoys radio activities amidst nature and practices QRP, it perfectly aligns with my preferences!

Stendino Guys

Coaxial Cable

I also use the travel clothesline for the RG 316 coaxial cable

Antenna Wire

To collect and keep the antenna radiator in order

KIT End Fed 49:1

Very light (147 grams) End Fed antenna system with 49:1

Onde Radio in Cammino HamRadio

About Me

Imagine:  a tiny radio, a basic cable, and an antenna that looked like any old piece of wire – that’s all it took to communicate over kilometers!

I’ll never forget the day my cousin and I flipped on the radio, found an open channel, and kicked off our first QSO with a casual “Break, break.” That experience grabbed me, and it’s stuck with me since way back in 1984. Since 2023, I’ve been a radio amateur, and I’ve got my home station rocking with an Icom 7410. For on-the-go operations, I roll with an Xiegu G90 and a Red Corner SDR. And hey, beyond the radio waves, I’ve discovered the thrill of SOTA and POTA activations. I love blending my passion for radio with enjoying nature. Always out there, soaking up the beauty and the waves. Cheers!

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Costruzione Antenna QRP Multibanda Leggera con Stendini da Viaggio

Onde Radio in Cammino HamRadio

Onde Radio in Cammino HamRadio
01. QRP Radio

USDR+ Red Corner

02. Portable Radio

Xiegu G90

03. VHF/UHF Radio

Quansheng UV K5

04. Antennas

End Fed - V Dipole - Inverted V Dipole - Vertical Telescopic Whip

I love to collaborate and make awesome content. Let’s talk!

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