IU8QTM: My Callsign and My Story

Hey everyone!

This is my story.

IU8QTM is my HamRadio Callsign.

I got into radio because of my aunt’s old valve radio. Still remember the smell when she turned it on. She’d tune in to foreign stations, and as a kid, I’d wonder who those voices belonged to (just like you!).

On my birthday, can’t remember which one, maybe when I was ten, my dad’s friend asked what gift I wanted. Shy at first, then blurted out, “A radio! A radio!” He was thrilled and said, “Let’s go pick one.” So, we grabbed the cheapest from the store, ‘cause all I cared about was what came out of it.

Then came the CB radio craze. Dad wasn’t into it, but my uncle was! He set up a rig in his car. My cousin and I were baffled: how could people chat through that little box and a wire antenna? That’s when I got hooked on radio waves. Aunt’s radio only received, but this one could talk too!

Years passed, I drifted from radio, worked odd jobs, even lived on a sailboat for a year! But then, while cleaning the garage, stumbled upon my old CB gear! That sparked a fire—I had to get licensed. So, I hit the books, and the more I studied, the more I fell in love, even started building antennas!

Got my license, bought a used rig, and then discovered QRP. Since I love hiking and exploring, it was a perfect fit!

That’s my story. Oh, and I’ll be testing a new antenna soon!

Studying CW, hope to get on the airwaves soon!

Catch ya later, 73 de EMILIO IU8QTM

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